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To support awards for young researchers and engineers, and contributing to the development of international exchange among Japan, the U.S., and Asia.

The Richard M. Fulrath Award, named in honor of Professor Richard M. Fulrath, is a recognition program established by the American Ceramic Society. Every year, it is presented to three young ceramic researchers from Japan and two from the United States. Professor Fulrath, who was a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, passed away at the young age of 52 due to illness on July 16, 1977. In memory of Professor Fulrath, who had developed close relationships with Japanese researchers through multiple visits to Japan, a commemorative event was held at the Matsuya Salon in Tokyo on November 11 of the same year, attended by more than 40 people. Inspired by this event, 113 individuals from Japan came together to establish the precursor to our organization, known as the Fulrath Memorial Association. At the time, Professor Kiyoshi Okazaki, a professor at the National Defense Academy of Japan, had particularly deep ties with Professor Fulrath. Professor Okazaki played a central role in the establishment of the memorial association and served as its first president.
Unfortunately, Professor Okazaki passed away on March 11, 1997. After graduating from Kyoto University, Professor Okazaki dedicated over 50 years of his life to the research of ferroelectric ceramics, leaving behind numerous remarkable contributions in the form of research papers and books. In recognition of his achievements, in 2004, the Fulrath Memorial Association was renamed the Fulrath Okazaki Memorial Association. Simultaneously, the Okazaki Kiyoshi Award and the Okazaki Kiyoshi Achievement Award were established in his honor.
The Fulrath Okazaki Memorial Association's membership consists of approximately 130 past recipients of the Fulrath Award, the Okazaki Kiyoshi Award, and the Okazaki Kiyoshi Achievement Award, who are classified as regular members. Additionally, the membership includes supporting members (corporate entities) who provide support for the memorial association's activities, as well as honorary members who have made significant contributions to the memorial association's development. The primary objectives of our organization are to promote mutual exchange and advancement in the field of ceramic science and technology, support the recognition of outstanding young researchers and engineers, and contribute to the development of international exchange among Japan, the United States, and Asia.

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